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We use on-line and off-line software to create a digital representation of your business.

Not only is this a representation of you, but it's you - on a really good day.

  • Website Design & Development

    Beacon13 designs, develops and maintains business websites for small businesses in Northern Ireland. Our websites are designed with a "mobile first", full "responsive" methodology. We develop custom made websites or we can start with template or platform such as Wordpress. We also design and develop e-commerce websites. Our e-commerce websites are optimised for for customer experience and conversions. We work with nop-commerce, woo-commerce and magento stores. When building websites we focus on customer journey and apply social plugins when appropriate.

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  • Targeted Social media

    At Beacon13 we help our clients to create consistent social media profiles. We ensure profiles are configured approriatley and content is optimised to meet their customers needs. Each business is different and will have different social media needs. i.e. B2B businesses may be better placed on LinkedIn and local B2C businesses might do well on Facebook. We take time to understand your market and we make social media choices based on our findings. We help our clients to create excited targeted campaigns on social media - always with the view of creating awareness, conversions and new business.

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  • E-Commerce

    We help our clients to create and optimise their ecommerce stores. We prodomenatley user Nopcommerce for new projects but we support Woocommerce, Shopify and Magento stores. We help clients to ensure their customer flow is mobile friendly, fast and secure. We optimise checkout performance and payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe and Sagepay. Although important, the software is not the key for us. We know that the real value for our customers is helping them drive traffic, improve conversions and ultimatley drive sales. We do this by backing up our ecommerce stores with a good social media, paid advertsing and email marketing strategy.

  • Email Marketing

    If you havn't currently got a custmomer email list - start building one today! We help our clients to build customer email lists with newsletter signups and email capture forms. if you're a B2B customer in Nortehrn Ireland we can help you build a list of up to 10,000 potential customers. We create and send bulk emails for a clients on a weekly or monthly basis and we do this in a very targeted manner. i.e. We help builders to email all architects, we help van mechanics to email tradesmen, we help accountants to email small businesses or we can help a childcare company to email young families. Put simply, we find your target market and help you to communicate with them

  • Digital Content

    In 2016 it's critical that businesses are creating exciting, engaging content about their business. As a small business owner - this might be another task that takes you away from running your business. At Beacon13 we work our clients to create text, images, graphics, blogs, emails and video content. We help our clients to automate and schedule this process so they're always creating fresh content for the web. This results in more awareness, leads and conversions.

  • Search Optimisation

    As a small business in Northern Ireland you must be appearing on at least page 1 of Google and major search engines for local related searches. What does this mean? It means if you won a bike shop in Cookstown - you should be appearing on page 1 for "bike shop cookstown". Or if you own an accountantcy practise in Limavady - you should be appearing on the first page of Google when users search "accountant limavady". This is the bare minimum of local SEO and something all Beacon13 clients will have. How far up the page and how wide that local search goes is up to your web team. Beacon13 aims to get our client's to the number 1 spot for as big a geographical area as possible. We do this through effective keyword analysis, properly structured web pages and content and effective submission of sitemaps and structured data to Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • Digital Video

    Video is fast becoming teh best way to market your products and services on-line. From 20 second snapchat videos to 10 company overiview videos on YouTube - Beacon13 can help create engaging video content for your business on-line. We use DSLR cameras, Adobe Premiere Pro editing software and a range of tricks and tools to create videos that engage and get shared. We help our clients to get their video content in fornt of as much of their taregt audience as possible with Facebook boosted posts, Youtube advertising and more.

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