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Managed Social Media

For many small business owners - social media is a touchy subject. Some of you are completely against it, some run their entire sales and marketing via social media. Most of you sit somewhere in the middle. You understand that it's there and that it's important but you just don't have a real strategy for making it work for your business. Perhaps you're not sure what social media channels are best for you? Perhaps it's simply too time consuming or daunting and you're just avoiding it? This is where Beacon13 can help.

Our social media approach

  1. Define your market

    We work with our clients to define their target market. We define who they are, where they live, what they look like, what products they buy, what they had for breakfast, what their interests are.

  2. Choose your channels

    Now that we've defined the market, we use our research and industry insights to define where this market spends most of its time and attention. (i.e. Business owners might be on LinkedIn. Teenage girls might be on Snapchat. 20-30 year old males might be on Instagram. Young mums might be on Facebook.) Wherever your target market is, we'll find them. Often this means a strategy for covering multiple social media channels and e-marketing mediums.

  3. Create engaging content

    Now we know where your market is at we can send them content about your products and services. But this is a sweet science in itself. We don't just stick a big pic of your product in a post and add a buy now button. We understand that people like to see some information first and if this information is engaging and exciting - all the better. We know that if we create a short video about your product or service - this will get up to 10 times the engagement of a text link. We help our clients to create engaging content, suitable for their target market and suitable for the social media channel they're on. For instance - we know that an animated gif in Twitter will work a treat. We also know that a 15 second video that works well with or without sound will get maximum enagement in Facebook.

  4. Oh, and a little bit of magic...

    Beacon13 is unique when it comes to digital media in Northern Ireland. Not only do we undertsand the technology and creative elements to promote your business online - we also have a flare and passion for good old fashioned business. And that's the difference between digital media that looks cool and digital media that drives sales, new business and provides ROI for our clients. We do not accept projects unless we're confident we can provide good value for our clients.

What's the process?

Each project and business is unique. Sometimes we'll create an initial campaign and provide training for our clients to take over. For busy business owners, we'll create and manage a monthly content plan on their behalf. We'll have to chat with you to see which option and approach is best. Getting started is easy. Arrange a callback and we'll complete FREE social media strategy for you.