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Drive more traffic to your website

So let’s just say you’re a budding entrepreneur. You’ve gone into business for yourself and setup that all-important website. The problem that most people face isn’t about how they can setup a website or even start a blog; it’s about how they can actually drive traffic to there website. So here’s a few to get started on…


Simple yeah? You wouldn’t believe the amount of businesses that haven’t updated or even claimed their google business page or submitted their website to google, bing or yahoo. Organic traffic is still the most valuable traffic in the world, in 2020, so if you haven’t done it, follow this link and do it now.

Google analytics tool is a great way to monitor the traffic to your website. If you haven’t set it up you should do so now. Click here.

Google Analytics allows you to track & manage traffic to your website from all sources.

2. SEO

Behind every good website is good search engine optimization. It is a set of rules for optimising your website so that it can achieve higher rankings in search engines’ organic results. Still not quite sure why it’s so important? Check out our article on SEO.


Content is King. A consistently updated, the high-quality blog remains the ideal way to drive traffic and grow your brand and keeps them coming back for more!  Google loves a meaty, frequently updated blog, rewarding great content with higher search engine rankings as an overall trend. It’s also great content to share on social.


To put it frankly…3.8 billion people use social media. If you’re not taking advantage of social, you’re missing out on a fast, inexpensive, and effective way to reach almost half the world’s population. Choose 3 social media platforms depending on your business and be consistent on them.


The modern consumer wants to see the product in action. Check out our article on why Video Marketing is so important for Business in 2020. Again social media platforms can be used to create short edits for video. However if your looking for a more formal video, best to ask a professional.


Email marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your site or your blog, and to promote any offers, but it also means that you need a list to market to. Mailchimp is a free tool which allows you create emails easily using their templates. Don’t forget you can use your “Blog Content” on this one.


Let’s be honest if we offer consumers something FREE they are more than likely going to use your website again. Partnering with companies that have a large footprint is one way to drive interest and visitors to your site.

NR homes made a massive impact on social with this giveaway.


Much like any strategy, research is the first step when it comes to Influencer Marketing.. Choose the social platform you want to focus on first. You can always expand to other platforms later but if you’re just starting out, stick with one. Ideally, your brand should already have a presence on this network or be looking to expand into it.

Then take a look at the type of influencers that are “right” for your business. You can also use Twitter analytics tools to identify potential influencers that will fit your campaigns.

If you’re not a digital ninja then, you’ve likely struggled with getting your head around the billion types of “online marketing”. You’re in luck, we’ve worked alongside the top dogs in online business…

Arrange a coffee with us, tell us about your business and your goals, let Beacon13 create a custom “Digital Strategy” for your business.

Are Twitter users more intelligent than Facebook users?

twitter iq vs facebook iq

Working in social media marketing we need to understand the types of people that (commonly) use all of the major social media platforms.

Nasty as it may seem – we need to understand things like age, sex, pay grade, marital status, location, shopping trends, social class and even IQ of the main users on each platform.

Who cares?

A lot of people apparently. IQ and intelligence are important factors in finding which types of content will resonate. For example; An article about Quantum Physics might not resonate that well with a young man that’s more interested in who won the match on Saturday. And that’s fine! Each to their own.

But this has brought us to a piece of research that might be interesting and advantageous for people or businesses to know. And note, we did come to this research with some preconceptions. (Which may or may not be debunked.)

The preconception.

Our preconception is that Twitter users, as a whole, are more intelligent than Facebook users. This preconception comes from posting thousands of articles, images and videos across all platforms and seeing that highly intellectual content preforms better on Twitter than Facebook. It just does! Now, does that mean Twitter users are smarter?

Well, here’s the bullet points…

The findings.

  1. A 2019 study finds that Twitter users make more money overall.
  2. Analytics suggest that news, political and science related content is consumed better on Twitter.
  3. Researcher finds small positive statistical correlation with IQ among Facebook users. And no relationship for Twitter users.
  4. Study suggests Twitter users typically smarter and more creative than Facebook users.
  5. Highly “open” individuals were drawn more frequently to Twitter for “intellectual pursuits”


From our (very coarse) research, we can deem there’s no real hard science to suggest Twitter users are smarter. There is however a lot of science to suggest that typical Twitter user and very different from Facebook users. And they use the platforms for very different reasons.

Broadly speaking; Twitter users are indeed looking for intellectual pursuits, news and informative content. Facebook users are looking for entertainment, photos and family/community content.

For help in using your website, Twitter or Facebook to further your business, get in touch with the Beacon13 team.

A social media strategy with the Loughs Agency.

Loughs agency digital strategy

The Loughs Agency (based in Derry~Londonderry, on the banks of the river Foyle) is a body that supports and governs marine wildlife and leisure activities in and around Lough Foyle and Carlingford Lough.

In 2018 Beacon13 was commissioned to design, deliver and support a new social media strategy for the agency. The agency would be addressing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & YouTube. 

As with any strategy or plan we had to establish a baseline. (You must know where you’re at before you can plan where you’re going!). We completed a full report on followers, views, subscribers and friends on social media. 

We then set out to establish the state of each profile and roles on the platform. As with many companies & organisations, we often find a number of accounts on each platform. Sometimes used for departments or brands but often unnecessary.  

We went about consolidating various accounts to give the agency one clear voice on social media. All relevant parties were given access and roles as required.

The agency had a re-branding exercise in conjunction with the new social media strategy. So all profiles needed new logos, background images and associated graphics. 

Once we had all of the above in place we worked with the agency to establish how much time and resources they had to commit to social media. We established their short term and long term goals.

Matching up these two things allowed us to create a strategy for posts, comments, replies, video uploads and post content over time. We also created a schedule and plan for sed activities. 

The Loughs Agency is now well underway with their new strategy and meeting real tangible targets as well as reporting effectively to their board on progress.

We’d like to thank the Loughs Agency for their commitment to Beacon13 and we look forward to supporting them in the future.