Video…It’s kind of a BIG deal…

Videos - It's kinda a BIG deal. Contact Beacon13 today and making some serious dosh.

Video content is the most engaging content the web has to offer.

Believe it or not businesses who use video, grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Yup, that’s almost twice the growth, yet it’s fairly safe to say that most start-ups and scale-ups have yet to take full advantage of video marketing for their business.

So what’s the BIG Deal?

Video marketing has quickly become the number one way to connect with your audience and drive sales. The amount of video being consumed daily is massive. So what are businesses who don’t use video missing out on?…

Boost sales and growth

Video has the ability to create some serious dosh. We all want to see the product in action.  And in doing so, the are more likely to buy your product. Simple.

Builds trust

Giving your customers a quick insight into your business, can lead to sales. If the consumers feels they can trust your company they are more likely to buy from you.

Google will love you

Videos allow you to increase the time spent by visitors on your site. Therefor, longer exposure builds trust and signals search engines that your site has good content. Oh, and since Google now owns YouTube, there has been a significant increase in how much videos affect your search engine rank.

Video does it all. So, if you are serious about content marketing, like the these NI businesses then you must be serious about video, too.

NRE Properties in Coleraine speeds up the sales process offering Mortgage Solutions to potential buyers.

NRE have teamed up with Mortgage IQ to provide a more comprehensice service for their clients. We can now stremline the sales process reffering potential buyers to Mortgage IQ for mortgage quotes, protection and more.

Geplaatst door Northern Real Estate NRE op Zaterdag 24 augustus 2019
NRE Properties in Coleraine speeds up the sales process offering Mortgage Solutions to potential 
Moneymore House – Gallion Glen, Cookstown

#COOKSTOWN's hottest new development #GallionGlen is open to the public again this SUNDAY from 2-4pm! This time showcasing the luxurious MONEYMORE HOUSE, comprising of 3 fully managed #turnkey apartments, with 3 bedrooms and lift access! Hope to see you all there!

Geplaatst door N & R Homes op Donderdag 26 september 2019
N & R Group reveal one of Cookstown’s hottest new development using a short promotional video of Moneymore House.
Miller Wholesale – Bathrooms, Tiles, Stoves & Plumbing. Our Newtownstew

Visit our extensive showroom in Newtownstewart. Between Omagh & Strabane. Celebrating 50 years in business our showroom has a tile & bathroom emporium, 100s of stoves, thousands of tiles and flooring options and everything you could possibly need for plumbing and heating. Call in today or arrange a self build consultation at

Geplaatst door Miller Wholesale Ltd. op Vrijdag 22 november 2019
Miller Wholesale Ltd used video to show off their extensive showroom in Newtownstewart.

What can you do today? – Arrange a coffee with us, tell us about your business and let Beacon13 create a corporate video for you. A short 3 minute video about you and your business. We’ll add this to your website and promote on all social media to your target audience.

3 secrets in digital that your competitors aren’t looking at. (Yet!)

3 digital secrets 2019

Anything to get one up your competitors, win new business, learn grow and innovate at the same time… Surely that can’t be bad. Here’s 3 things in the wacky world of the web and digital marketing that your competitors are missing out on…

1. Bing

Yes Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. Everyone wants to be number 1 in Google, but no one really thinks about it’s little sister: Bing. Bing currently accounts for around 12.5% of searches. And Bing is now the main search provider for Amazon’s echo devices.

digital search engines like google and bing - optimise your business for Bing search in belfast and northern ireland

Also, Bing & Yahoo are the same thing! So anything you do on Bing will also work on Yahoo. Putting the same thought into Bing as you would Google could allow you to capture customers and leads that your competitors are overlooking.

What can you do today? – Create a Bing business listing. (similar to the way you would in Google. And carry out some test searches in Bing to see how you fair out. Ask your web team to help you appear more prominently in Bing. )

2. Instagram

Instagram is fast becoming the world’s #1 social media platform. Many experts believe it will surpass Twitter (currently #2) in the near future and replace Facebook (currently #1) in the years to come. As internet users become more and more visual, the ultimate app for photos and video is where you can really get one up on the competition.

digital and social media marketing - how to make Instagram work for your business belfast

“But Instagram’s not really for me or my business” – I hear you say. Well, good luck with that outlook. So your “customers are older” perhaps? Well- the new ones will be on Instagram. “None of my competitors are on Instagram” – Hello! Then you should really be on there! Clean up where they’ve overlooked!

What can you do today? – Create a business account on Instagram. And start posting! Start of with some office or factory pics. Then perhaps a photo op with a new client. Now add some of those photos from your last award ceremony. Now an info graphic of how your business works. Now take a few photos of your new product line. Now you’re getting it!! And tag your location and add some industry relevant hashtags. You’ll be winning new business from Instagram in no time.

Bonus points – Boost your post to your target audience and showcase your work to thousands of potential clients. Also consider adding and Instagram gallery to your website.

3. Video

Yes, yes, everyone suggests video. And everyone agrees it’s great. But very few of you actually do anything about it. There’s 2 parts to using digital video successfully for your business. a) The video itself (the content, the production) and b) The promotion of sed video. (There’s no point in a great video if no-one sees it!)

digital professional video production with drones, dslrs, professional lenses, professional editing software - and awesome promotional tools - this WILL WIN NEW BUSINESS.

The production – You MUST create a video that people actually want to watch. Not just showcasing your business or products or services. The video must have some good music, a voice over perhaps. Some b-roll and cinematic shots. It should be shot with good lighting and sound. And preferably have a script. i.e. A start, a middle and an end!

“Don’t get us wrong, it doesn’t have to be an winning masterpiece. And there’s nothing wrong with shooting on your phone. (The digital camera and sound tech on a good iPhone in 2019 is pretty awesome in-fact.) But please, think about lighting and sound. “

The promotion – This is the fun part. Once you’ve got a decent video, now post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Blow the cobwebs off your wallet and spend a little to showcase your video to everyone that counts. With a cpl pf hundred quid you can showcase your video to 10’s of thousands. Try and get teh same coverage on TV and see what your bill looks like!

What can you do today? – Hire a team to make a corporate video for you. A short 3 minute video about you and your business. Ask them to add it your website and promote on social media to your target audience. Have a good “call o action” at the end of your video.

Want to stick it to your competitors? And really ramp up on digital? Talk to us at Beacon13 about your business. We’ve got great rates on business websites, seo, social media and year round support for our business customers.